Kickoff Project: Zombie Pinup Shoot [Collective]

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Kickoff Project: Zombie Pinup Shoot [Collective]

Post  BigDaddyFatal on Sun Jul 03, 2011 5:52 pm

Project Name: Zombie Pinup Shoot

Type: Collective

Format: Pinup w/ Possible Artistic Nude

Members: Open to all who sign up (PM: BigDaddyFatal)

Sign Up Deadline: Open and Ongoing

Start Date: Ongoing

Discription: An open format, multi photographer, nation wide Pinup style shoot, ...With zombies. Artistic Nudes are acceptible if they fit within theme, and are at the discretion of the models and photographers doing that set. Sets submitted for this sub project should be sorted and edited before submitting to the PM. PM may at discretion remove shots or further edit images. All compinsation is to be TFP/TFCD and final ownership of the above images is to be to the project archive. At least 50 finished edited shots should be submitted, with a max of 250. For further questions please contact the PM.


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