Job Titles and Meanings

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Job Titles and Meanings

Post  BigDaddyFatal on Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:22 am

Project Director - The Project head and Shot Caller. Handles all the administrative and legal aspects of the project. Also selects staff and approves projects. Reports to: No One

Senior Project Managers - Sub project designers and senior staff. They are the heavy lifters of the group, and handle most day to day aspects. Reports to: Project Director

Project Managers - These folks run one or more Solo or Group sub projects and handle its staffing and production. Reports to: Senior Project Manager

Project Consultants - Staff members put in place to advise Project Managers and Members on trhe creative and logistical aspects of their projects. They also serve as advanced troubleshooters. Reports to: Senior Project Manager

Leads - Section leaders. The assist in dealing with various Member and Staff groups. (Ex: Photographers, Models, Ect.) Reports to: Project Director


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